Wednesday, June 21, 2006

An important step in the process of becoming a trainer

Yesterday I have received an email:

First of all, congratulations to all of you, and may we have a wonderful conference together! As you probably know, in order to offer you the most relevant experience, the conference date has changed with 1 day. I other words, the new dates are 30.06-3.07.
For any major complaints / impossibility to attend, we are waiting for your e-mails.Details regarding the location and how to get there will be provided in a future e-mail.For any other information, our operators are standing by ;)

Have an insightful day,Robert(conference manager)"

My NEXT @XP will be TTT in Sibiu organized by NTT. I have been selected to participate as delegate ...This is an important step in my @Life and also for my carrer. I gave a thought of becoming a profesional trainer and also to have a training company in the future so I really consider it’s a good idea.AIESEC made me more people oriented than I was before joining it. I always liked working with people and I hope this conference will improve some skills and gonna teach me how to make a quality delivery.

I have huge expectations from this conference and I'm very happy that 75% of sessions will be held by externals.
My expectations related to this conference are:
Ø To get me started in my path as a trainer (to give me what I lack in my knowledge ,skills, attitude for being a real trainer)
Ø to increase my network of contacts (to interact will all the delegates)
Ø to develop myself, to interact with people, to learn more about what a being a great trainer means, and how to keep improving your skills,attitude and knowledge, to discover new things related to what’s behind a training, how do I make a good training…
Ø to be fun
Ø to be challenging

I'm very happy because I will meet my friends: Cristi (OCP TTT ) , Anca and Adi that were also selected for this wonderfull conference. Cristi , Anca, Adi are special friends with whom I was at Pbox Conference in Hungary.

My first step in the process of becoming a trainer had started in MPN where I had to deliver a session with Iulius about opportunities in AIESEC. I felt great and I want to apply as facilitator at Rock Me and NPS.

I'm sure I will have a great time in Sibiu ...

let's start the revolution !!!


Micky said...

May you have a wonderful conference and an upstading training career!
Say Hi to the huys for me,

with frienship,

alexandru toma said...

hello Micky!!
Hope we will have time this summer to meet all of us;)

Best regards,
happy Alex

romeo said...


I saw the BX experience post.. it's really amazing how that conference it'still in my heart...

thank you alex for the remembering...

and for u toma... have a great conference