Saturday, January 27, 2007

De ce imi place HI-Q?

Andreea mi-a trimis povestea ei legata de HI-Q. Deoarece nu are blog m-a rugat pe mine sa o fac publica pe blogul meu.

A fost o vreme in viata mea cand ma simteam pierduta, prin ganduri, prin lume, prin viata. Oameni dragi mie au plecat acolo sus fara sa inteleg de ce. Dar „cineva” a stiut sa-mi vorbeasca, sa ma asculte, sa-mi invaluie sufletul cu caldura si dragoste, sa se apropie de inima mea asa cum nu reusit nimeni altcineva, sa ma iubeasca si sa-mi daruiasca cei mai superbi ani din viata mea, de fapt i-am construit impreuna pas cu pas, zi de zi. Mii de clipe petrecute impreuna, sute de amintiri frumoase, zeci de vise, unele s-au dus, altele au ramas cu mine.

”A trecut atata timp / Nu mai stiu sa-ti spun ce simt / Si mie dor de tine mie dor de noi / Si as vrea sa te am langa mine” sunt versurile ce imi aduc mereu aminte de noi, de obiceiurile noastre, de zambete, de lacrimi, de povestea noastra. Ne iubim si acuma desi nu mai suntem impreuna, da ne iubim si stim amandoi asta dar ceva ne desparte, nu stiu ce, nu stiu de ce ...

Tot ce simt imi aminteste de el: locuri, poze, melodii... Poate pare o poveste de dragoste trista, eu nu o vad deloc asa, ma bucur de tot ce am trait si ca am avut ocazia sa am langa mine un om cu totul special.

Ne leaga sentimente, clipe, amintiri, vise, lacrimi, zambete si un cantec „ Dor de tine, dor de noi”

Sunt curios ce povesti va leaga de melodiile HI-Q? De dragoste, tristete,fericire?:)

Nice thoughts

Next week I will have 4 exams and I hope everything will be just fine.

This week I had two exams: I took a 7 and 6 -not great marks but still I passed them.

Thought of the day:

"There are special people that we meet in life who seem to make life's journey a little easier. Those people are like a candle that shows the obstacles in your way so that Life is easier to deal with."

Friday, January 26, 2007

The world of blogging

I've discovered the world of blogging last year and I decided to have my own blog as a personal learning tool that will help me in the proces of being a change agent. I see the world of bloging as a learning environment where I can express my feelings, share my knowledge and create my own playground, my own space. In our country we don't have too many blogs but I know till the end of the year there will be more.

Blogfest is a great opportunity developed by bloggers from Bucharest.As I said in one of the previous messages they want to create a romanian blog community. They have physical meetings and discuss many interesting things.
Last one was yesterday. For more info click here:

People get attracted day by day by the world of blogging ..Some use their blog to share their life experience (personal blog) , other use their blog to share information and other use their blog to post interesting photos(photo blogs).

I was thinking this year to make a change... To get a balance in my blog! To share my personal feelings and also to get a profesional approach and market my blog.
I've found a great article about how to promote your blog. Some tips:

1 Write well, write consistently, don’t give up: All the marketing in the world won’t help you if you have a lame-duck blog. In your search for more traffic, more promotion, and more publicity, never forget it starts with great content — and needs to continue with great content on a regular schedule. There’s no question that maintaining quality and regularity is difficult while you’re starting out, particularly if you’re time strapped … but hang in there, because if you sacrifice this, all of your marketing efforts will be for naught.

2 Become an expert on something: Develop a keen interest, continue to read and write intelligently, and after a while, your experience will grant you this informal title; bloggers will seek you out, your reknown will grow, and it will be easier to be noticed, linked to, and get cross promoted (see below)

3 Design is more important than you think: Your mother’s right — first impressions count, and they can count for cash money. If you’re serious about blogging, don’t stick with an unaltered top10 Wordpress theme no matter how cool you think it is. You want to separate and elevate yourself from the blogging masses, and its impossible to do if you look exactly the same as them. Easy to say, hard to do, but absolutely necessary if you don’t have the money to pay for a private ground-up theme: learn CSS and a photoeditor of choice, and learn to tweak your theme yourself, so that your blog looks professional, stands out, and screams “yes, I am worthy of your attention!”.

4 Get Your SEO On: An entire post in and of itself — get your own domain name, host your own blogging software, enable permalinks, use create keyword rich headlines, create unique title tags, enable trackback and ping functionality, ensure your blog pings pinging-services.

5 Do interviews with other bloggers: Score interviews with newsworthy individuals (who may be linked to newsworthy content), to create link worthy content, but more importantly, create news on THEIR blog to get back to YOUR blog.

First part of this article. It seems interesting and I will try to increase my traffic and market my blog.

Richard Clayderman in Romania

Great news:
Richard Clayderman will come in Romania in February for a great tour. He will have concerts in 4 cities: Timisoara (22th February) , Cluj (19th February), Bucuresti (20th february) and Iasi (21 february).

The ticket price is between 40 -350 RON.

Don't miss this great opportunity!
Let your soul filled by great piano music!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why I like HI-Q?

Lately I was thinking somewhere far away...I miss something!
My best summer holiday was the summer of 2005 and I remember the song"Dor de tine, dor de noi"(HI-Q) was my favourite at that time.Even if it was only a short holiday(1 week and a half) it was the most intensive experience I had.I spent this holiday with a special person that will always have a place in my heart.

She's the one who made me enjoy the adventure of living...
She's the one who made me run for another leadership opportunity...
She's the one who made me live that summer at high volume, with my smile on my face..
She's the one who made me feel free and happy!
She's the one who is inspiring me everyday and I will never forget her!

We had a 3 days weekend at seaside...going there and having no accomodation,having the most intensive 3 days of my life because everything was great. Every experience we had made us forget about the hard year we had working on different projects and we reloaded our batteries for autumn.

Sleeping on the beach, seeing the sunset and sunrise, being lost in Constanta because we didn't pay attention where we had to get off the bus, taking the last maxi-taxi to Mangalia and the last one for Vama Veche, seeing Misa in Costinesti,listen good music at Stufstock and many more.

Every time I hear at the radio this song, I think about her and those beautiful days,and that makes me feel so good!

After this weekend I comeback in my city for 2-3 days to wash my clothes and to prepare for the greatest journey of my life till Experience the Unknown!

I've decided to go to Timisoara and visit her (12 hours in the train) I just know that i took the train from Iasi at 6 o'clock in the morning and the next day at 1 o'clock in the night I was in Timisoara! I don't know how the hours passed so easy but seeing her waiting me in the railway station made me SMILE with my heart.

Timisoara-the most beautiful city for me because our story was full of inspiring moments, reflections about the future, building a vision for our development and enjoying the adventure of living. Being only with her I was free to dream big somewhere far was the first time when I was thinking that distance relationship can resist and surive!

There are 2 songs that remind me about her, about all the beautiful moments we had that summer...about our summer when we were free to SMILE, DREAM BIG, FLY AND PLAN the future!

Good luck Anca in running for MCVP X AIESEC LATVIA! I sure hope "for me, for you, it's not too late"("pentru mine,pentru noi, nu e prea tarziu")

I know that Andreea, Sanda, Mellisa , Alina ,Ruxandra and Nina have also beatiful stories about HI-Q songs. I'm really curious to hear their stories!

HI-Q -Dor de tine, Dor de noi

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Music on apartment


A great way of having fun and listen great music on our own apartments even if we don't have computer, TV and other source for playing music.

Let's try this :)

Roblog FEST 2007

RoBlog fest is a great project for alll romanian people that have a blog. Roblogfest wants to create a romanian blog community. Roblog fest 2007 is a annual festival that awards romanian blogs and includes all romanian blogs proposed by every single person that utilize the Internet.
At this contest can participate all kind of blogs - text blogs, photo/audio/video. Every blog must have an original content.

For 2007 there are 2 categories:
  • Best blog
  • Best info blog
  • Best personal blog
  • Best collective blog
  • Best blog design
  • Best new blog
  • Best blog written by under 18 age people

2 Specialist:

  • Best photo blog
  • Best culture blog
  • Best entertainment blog
  • Best media blog
  • Best bussiness blog
  • Best company blog
  • Best technology blog

1.02 -14.02-Nominate candidates

15.02-28.02 -Vote

1.03 -Winners announced& party

I will try to participate because it's a great contest. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pic of the day

Last week I've been with Simo to a cartoon exhibition related to Romania's integration in the european Union.

I saw there interesting cartoons and great ways of expressing the integration in the European Union for some countries like: Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria.
For this exhibition , with title (Ten more for Europe) , the most known cartoonists from the new European countries illustrated their worries, waitings and hopes about European Union.
The ideea of this exhibition is old and belongs to Giselei Burkamp, historic, art critic and Dieter Burkamp. They published many catalogues , articles and studied the cartoon theme for about 30 years.

Wishlist for 2007


  • to be healthy
  • to love and to be loved
  • make new friends
  • visit 3 countries
  • visit Cluj, Sighisoara, Sibiu
  • enjoy the adventure of living
  • to keep my aiesec network of contacts
  • to dedicate my free time to my hobbies(chess, photography, DJ-ing)
  • to help my father with his company


  • to learn German
  • to take my driving licence
  • to have all my exams taken at faculty with higher marks
  • to build a new NGO in Iasi
  • to challenge myself and have a great impact on everything I Do
  • to participate at BCC
  • to look for new opportunities that will help me in the process of being a change agent

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


If 2006 was an AMAZING year for me!

I want in 2007 to have a great IMPACT on everything I do!

I decided to start 2007 with a change in my blog template because it's time for a major change in my life.

The first change is related to my blog and i'm waiting anxiously for the NEXT ones!

This is the first message written with my new toy:

do you like my new toy?:)

Enjoying the second week of 2007 :)