Sunday, October 08, 2006

Rock Me 2006

I applied as facilitator for this great conference but I wasn't selected. But I wanted to come to this conference because there many things to learn, meet old friends and understand better the changes in the organization. Besides this aspect we decided to have the NEXT planning during Rock Me and before awards gala to have a presentation.

I hadn't have the chance to go with @Iasi delegation because of some issues with my mother and I left from Iasi on Friday. I managed to arrive on Saturday but the trip wasn't so pleasant.

I had a great time, I enjoyed the atmosphere but i wasn't in the mood to network with people and I don't know why...

Next planning

I enjoyed the planning because now we have clear objectives, focus areas and SMART goals that will help us achieve our vision: We set the NEXT level of Exchange!AIESEC Romania:Striving for excellence!

I'm happy that we have a new member in our team(Michelle-intern@Cluj) and hope we will manage to bring trainees during NPS. It will be great to have a special track for them.
Also I want as NEXT member to increase the number of quality traineeships ofered by AIESEC in Romania!

I enjoyed Ciuci' speach related to Next before the awards gala, and that speech motivated me to want to achieve great results as part of National Exchange team.
Because of Michelle Next team has an roll-call but hope during NPS we will come with our dance.:)

This conference was organized by AIESEC Galati and the OCP (Codi)-one of my best friends from @Romania network- and her team did a great job. Even if they were some problems with the location I think everybody enjoyed the conference because the theme of the conference was great , the movies in the evening plenary and overall atmosphere.


I felt the energy of the new generation, the passion and the ambition that they will achieve more.(team-together everybody achieves more)I felt that they are proud to be part of this great team and they "love being in AIESEC IASI" I can say that we Rocked the house because it was the first AIESEC conference where we had 4 new roll calls.
I think that we brought energy in this conference and even if the knowledge wasn't new we strived to share with others and learn from others.

Don't forget:Team iasi is what? dynamite- tic, tic, tic boom,tic tic tic boom dynamite, boom boom dynamite!
And: "Cine arde cel mai tare? Iasi-ul arde tare tare..Si sus si Jos si peste tot"

We managed to won two prizes: "Best OGX performance" and "Best Exchange Overall"... I felt emotions being in front of 100 @-ers ... But I felt proud of being part of this great team because everybody from our LC worked to achieve the Excellence!

We are on the right track!

It's been a while

It's been almost 3 months since I've last written something here.I think it was because i wasn't in the mood to share my experiences. What happened with me?

LPM 2006-Vatra Dornei
21-23 July

This conference was held at Vatra Dornei-Incom(a place full of memories because my first AIESEC conference it was in the same location) I was eager to get there and remember my first AIESEC conference. I tried to take an active role during the sessions and I tried to help the new generation understand better the changes in the organization.
Related new generation I tried to motivate them because they are the future of AIESEC IASI.

For me this conference was full of motivation and helped me to overcome some problems I had.
I would like to congratulate the OC team for their passion and because they really motivate people to come and think innovative projects for the next year.

Next experience was the OGX&PD&Communication Functional Meeting which was held at Oglinzi(13th of August-16th of August). Last year I was OCP for this national conference which was my first national conference.
This year was organized by MC and they decided to organize it close to Iasi:) My parents took me&Iulius by car and I went there from Saturday even if the conference was from Sunday. AIESEC Bucharest had the BPM in the same location and I had a great time with them on Saturday and Sunday.

I had a great time at this conference because I had an important role (I had to co-facilitate a session with our beloved MCVP OGX Mo) and I was also part of Fun team(with Andy-Brasov and Vic-Timisoara) and tried to help the OC (Dragos from Iasi -a guy that did a great job) I felt the passion , the ambition and the hard work that people will put in recruiting the new generation of leaders.