Saturday, April 22, 2006

Enjoy the silence - A moment of peace in my life

It's time for reflection and self assessment..

These days were for me time for reflection and self assessment ... My winamp is playing Master of Chant-Moment of peace:
When the world is in tatters
And destruction is near
You can come with us here

When the people are strangers
You'll rest here with me
In a moment of peace

Light up the dark below,
See through the stars,
Reach to the earth's flow
Drift in the joy of our hearts,
Unleash the energy,
Taste of the wine
Drink as a Soul
That knows now, power divine

I don't know where I will go, what my Next @XP will be but I enjoy the silence and Easter is a good moment of peace :)

Happy easter!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Running for TL IT&SOFTWARE market

One week ago I took the decision to run for TL IT&SOFTWARE on ICX

So yesterday we had elections..

As Zeno was saying in his blog "when your best isn't good enough". The EB thought that the other candidate , Andrei was more suitable for this position.

I did my best and I failed... but it was a quite nice experience of learning :) I can say that I knew the result from the beginning.It's strange but I knew it:) I was very calm after the announcement and also happy because another @XP helped me on the process of being a change agent.

I was prepared for both: getting or not elected. For me running as TL IT&SOFTWARE was an important thing that made me realize that I've learned many useful things that will help me in the future.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

LMS-a step further in my @XP

LMS 2006

I don't know exactly how to describe this wonderful conference ...IT was my 10th @conference and I felt as It was my first @conference...I felt emotions and I'm sure that @Iasi is one the right track of achieving big results ..

I'm very proud to be part of @Iasi :) That's because of people that compose @Iasi ...:)

The key words of LMS 2006 are: Challenge -Synergy-Believe

Challenge-When speaking about challenge we should be aware that every @XP should challenge us to give the best :)We must stop running and start facing the challenges that we encounter in our lives.

Synergy: because only together we are going to move to next level, only together we can touch miracles ..Is about the level where in an synergic way we are going to unite all our strong points and overcome fears, challenges, the unknown.

With LMS 2006 a new road has been opened in our LC... Is about the fact that LMS 2006 made people come together

"Yeh when we are together
And when we are apart
There is no space in our hearts
I’ve got these feelings
Believe-Believe another key word during the conference ...Believe that is right and it will be, believe that you want to be a change agent and start being it :)

The world is @IASI :)

I would like to congratulate also the happy OC.of LMS 2006..Great job guyz..It was one of the most amazing OC I have seen ever;)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

MPN -A new @XP

MPN was one of the most amazing @conference for me. It was my 9th @ conference and I had to chance to get in contact with the new generation of leaders that were recruited in autumn. During NPS I settled an objective (getting in contact with the new generation) but I didnt have the chance to do this in December.

I was very impressed by the new generation and I'm sure that AIESEC Romania is one the right way:)

Another amazing thing that happened during MPN was that I had to deliver a session with Iulius. Iulius had a training on Learning&development on the seconday day of thePD track. I prepared a power point presentation with the opportunities that @ people must take advantage of (CEED&SOL, National SOL Campaign and also CEE CEED program)...It was amazing to see after one year of work as National SOL&CEED coordinator people were discussing about helping eachother, sending SOLs from an lc to another:)
And I can say that my mission was accomplished ...During my presentation VPs , PD people asked questions ..

I felt great!
thanks Gabiza and Miha for offering me the chance to present these opportunities during a national conference:)

I want to congratulate @Constanta for organizational part of the conference. The parties were great, the hotel , the reception ...everything made me enjoy this conference:)

During MPN I took the decision to run for NEXT(national exchange team of AIESEC ROMANIA) because I arrived to that point where I understand what being a change agent means and , more importantly , that I am willing to learn how to be one.

Another reason that I took this decision was the fact that I will be able to learn more about @Romania reality, I will be able to work in a national and diverse team and gain organizational overview through a holistic approach.

I want to have a direct and active contribution to the development and change process in the organization, especially on the Exchange Area, which is my favourite one.