Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Training or learning?

I was thinking what is the difference between training and learning? If there is any difference or not. I had the chance to be "teacher" for one hour few weeks ago when after 3 years of faculty I went back to my highschool (where I learnt for 8 years...Colegiul National Iasi".
For me it was a powerful learning experience and I was glad to see that besides my bad impressions about the new generation people prove to be very opened and the most important one interested to build a good future for them and do extra school activities.

That's nice...and I'm impressed!

I was invited by my history teacher to motivate people, to talk with teenagers (11th grade)about the first edition of an project management contest I've participated when I was in highschool"Europa la liceu" (May 2004) when together with my team we won the prize for the best planned project but the most important thing to share my impressions after 3 years of high volume by having the most interesting experiences that helped me to be the person I am today.

My first team...Europa la liceu-2004
Our history teacher&Alexandra (LCVP Communication 2007-2008 LC IASI) &Mihaela&Georgiana(missing :()

It was a great day for me...being in front of 30 people but the most important of unknow people and teenagers with different values and vision about the "pursuit of happyness " ...sharing my impressions about education and about the fact that I want to make a change in this field,about ways of unleashing their potential in order to have a great IMPACT ,being asked by them about AIESEC and voluntary work made my smile. I had emotions at the beginning when I started my speach but after few minutes I felt very close to them and when the bell rang announcing the break I was upset but happy that I had a great learning experience. It was a nice hour and also because people asked me questions.

Another inspiring moment for me was when our teacher show me the"Jean Monett" classroom where I saw a special panel with diplomas and photos about this great contest I've had the chance to participate and also about the 2005 edition when another team from my highschool won a diploma. Also my diploma will remain in that classroom over years and hope my kids will have the chance to learn in the same highschool to see my diploma but not only because of this: because of the fact that my highschool is one of the most important ones from Iasi..but it's up to them!

I'm proud about my highschool, about the teachers that made me think that I can push my limits and dream to achieve great things or in other words DREAM BIG. Teachers were the ones that shaped my personality even if when I was in highschool I hated them, I'm proud about the teenagers that want to strive for excellence and mentain our highschool in tops , about the teachers that want to build a modern learning environment, about international projects developed by my highschool.

What is the connection between training or learning?

Important principles:

  • focus on learning, not training (Training is about the organisation. Learning is about the person.)
  • focus on emotional maturity, integrity, compassion - these are the characteristics that really matter
  • develop the person, not just the skills and knowledge (Skills and knowledge are the easy things. Most people will take care of these for themselves. Helping and enabling and encouraging people to become happier more fulfilled people is what employers and organisations should focus on. Achieve this and the skills and knowledge will largely take care of themselves...
  • give people choice

Give people choice in what, and how and when to learn and develop - there is a world of choice out there, and so many ways to access it all. People have different learning styles, rates of learning, and areas of interest. Why restrict people's learning and development to their job skills? Help them learn and develop in whatever way they want and they will quite naturally become more positive, productive and valuable to your organisation. (You may need to find bigger and/or different roles for them, but that's entirely the point - you want people to be doing what they are good at, and what they enjoy - this is what a good organisation is.)

In the end I feel great when I have the chance to motivate people and make them dream that they can change something. After this experience I enriched my network of contacts by becoming friend with two great girls. (One skipped my class...but she added me on messenger and we talk about life in general and I was impressed to see how she is thinking and also we have the same values, thoughts and belifies.

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