Saturday, May 31, 2008

One year ago

Exactly one year ago i was flying for the first time. I took the plane from Bucharest in the morning and after few hours I arrived in Dortmund ( that was happening on 30th of May 2007). After that I switched 6-7 trains in order to arrive in Ilmenau.

There I had an amazing time being part of ISWI -International Student week . Together with 400 people from around 80 countries we started to build a vision regarding education. It was time to think for most of the people: what can we do to have a better educational system, how we as teenagers can change something, how we can act to have a better world. It was common understanding, it was about dreaming and feelings, it was about diversity.

Remembering good old times and missing those amazing feelings! It was one of the most intensive experiences I had till now.

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