Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Enjoying the adventure of living

I thank you
for every single day
of my stay

It has been wonderfull
I have no words to say
How I feel
I guess it was more like a dream
A dream that has been real

Na, Na,Na, Na, Na,
Na, Na, Na, Na, Na

And I have learned,
The more I study,
How little I Knew,
And I have learned because of You,
And I have been,
So many places, so much I've seen
I understood,
Things before I never could

And that's good,
And that's good,
And that's good,

And I've made friends,
People who love to sing and dance.
Whenever ther's a chance.

And I thank you,
For doing all the thing, that you do
the way you do
I appretiate your effort
Yes, I do
Thanks for being there
when home was thousand miles away

Na, Na, Na

And I thank you,
I think I've change my point of view
I think I've changed because of you,
And I thank you.

My adventure of living started because of a special person and I'm Happy to thank her for learning me many useful things and because she made me enjoy every moment of my life :)

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