Tuesday, April 04, 2006

MPN -A new @XP

MPN was one of the most amazing @conference for me. It was my 9th @ conference and I had to chance to get in contact with the new generation of leaders that were recruited in autumn. During NPS I settled an objective (getting in contact with the new generation) but I didnt have the chance to do this in December.

I was very impressed by the new generation and I'm sure that AIESEC Romania is one the right way:)

Another amazing thing that happened during MPN was that I had to deliver a session with Iulius. Iulius had a training on Learning&development on the seconday day of thePD track. I prepared a power point presentation with the opportunities that @ people must take advantage of (CEED&SOL, National SOL Campaign and also CEE CEED program)...It was amazing to see after one year of work as National SOL&CEED coordinator people were discussing about helping eachother, sending SOLs from an lc to another:)
And I can say that my mission was accomplished ...During my presentation VPs , PD people asked questions ..

I felt great!
thanks Gabiza and Miha for offering me the chance to present these opportunities during a national conference:)

I want to congratulate @Constanta for organizational part of the conference. The parties were great, the hotel , the reception ...everything made me enjoy this conference:)

During MPN I took the decision to run for NEXT(national exchange team of AIESEC ROMANIA) because I arrived to that point where I understand what being a change agent means and , more importantly , that I am willing to learn how to be one.

Another reason that I took this decision was the fact that I will be able to learn more about @Romania reality, I will be able to work in a national and diverse team and gain organizational overview through a holistic approach.

I want to have a direct and active contribution to the development and change process in the organization, especially on the Exchange Area, which is my favourite one.

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