Friday, July 14, 2006

TTT Tilisca (SIBIU) 30.06-3.07.2006

30 delegates
3 rooms
3 great externals
1 bathroom
1 km away from any civilized place

TTT was a very different conference from the others that I attended till now. It was my 12th AIESEC conference and it was an important step in my @Life because it got me started in my path as a trainer.

Everything was different but it turned out to be one of the greatest conference because of the People that were there. It was a great networking experience because we were not so many and because we had to share food , the 3 rooms, the bathroom. Another interesting thing that I enjoyed a lot was the one preparing the training sessions because we were helping each other with ideas, we were encouraging ourselves and we were also having fun.

I enjoyed the moment when we had to develop the LTS agenda in our home groups :)

Also I'm happy that I had the chance to meet with my friends that were OCPs on Business Expansion Pbox: Anca(LCVP ICX @Timisoara), Adi (@Oradea) , Cristi(OCP TTT @Sibiu), Romeo (LCVP ICX @TG Mures) and with Hermina (VP PD @TG Mures), Oana (@Bu), Julie(@Sibiu-National Sol&ceed coordinator), Marius (@Sibiu), Roxi(LCP @Sibiu) , Zeno,etc

Regarding my expectations that I had before the conference I can say that were accomplished. The sessions were interesting , we had sessions with Doru , Andrei Popescu , Adishor , NTT members from which we learned a lot.

My home group at this conference:
-Ioana @Bu
-Cristi @Sb
-Inga @Moldova
-Andreea @TG Mures
- Robert (NTT member)