Monday, December 11, 2006

Paulina is leaving

Today it's a sad day because Paulina(the mexican trainee of AIESEC Iasi) is leaving. Her traineeship it's over. She was the first trainee this year that arrived in Iasi and she spent 9 beautiful months here. This 9 months were full of parties , crazy weekends, cooking nights. I will never forget Paulina because she was the one that made us enjoy the adventure of living and brought in Iasi the Latino spirit.
On friday night it was a good-bye party for Paulina and Sebastian (trainee from Germany matched by me who will leave Iasi on 14th) and I had doubts if I should come because I'm not in AIESEC anymore. Paulina told me: "come on should come ...pana mea were part of my experience. Don't care about people just come for me" .....
Touching words that meant a lot for me because it's great to know that I had an impact on somebody else life and that I was part of her experience. I hope someday i will have the chance to visit her and Marco (other trainee from Mexico) because they are true friends. I feelt them very close and they thought me to live my life at high volume and smile with my heart. There were 9 months in a multicultural environment , meeting people from countries like : Argentina, Italy, Turkey, Czech Republic, Hong-Kong, Spain , France, Danemark, Germany , Ukraine, etc.

I will miss you Paulina and I will never forget you!

I will miss the crazy weekends, cooking nights, Qvinta nights, pubs nights.

But seen you soon!

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