Sunday, December 31, 2006


I was saying that we should let ourselves amazed by people and the experiences that we have in our life.
Sebastian (Trainee from Germany matched by me) told me when he finnished his traineeship that "I want to thank you for many matched me so you have been the guilty one that brought me to Romania :-p...and you showed me the first impressions of at least you are the man of the first hour!"

and "Let me give you some things on your way, try not to be so sad about bad things or too excited about good things...bad stuff is happening...but even the aiesec-thing will not kick you down...good stuff also happens, and it is important to enjoy it but when it is over you cannot do anything against it...just live your life and try to make the best out of it.
You will have many good thoughts about us trainees so take them in your mind and remember when you feel goes on things, new people, new experiences..."

The last days of the year I spent with friends that made me enjoy the adventure of living ..I feel lucky to have friends. I was thinking that I have a huge network of contacts and every person helped me and teach how to live my life at high volume with my smile on my face. Every person we meet enriches our life experience.

I would like to thank you all for being part of my life , for the fact that you made my life more interesting!

2006 was full of amazing people that were part of my life and I'm waiting anxiously for new experiences, new things , new people .....the NEW YEAR!!!

Happy new year!!!

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