Saturday, February 03, 2007

Storm of thougts

It's saturday morning and I woke up at 7:00 o'clock. It's very strange for me to wake up at this hour on saturday morning. Even if I have exam today that is at 17:00 o'clock.

Something strange is happening with me. Maybe I'm tired of learning but my soul is like a storm of thoughts and I'm eagerly waiting to finish the exam session to Start the new path in my life. Since I left AIESEC I was searching for opportunities and ways of unleashing my potential. I've discovered many interesting things in the real life and I'm sure that this year I will have a great IMPACT on everything I do.

Learning for exams made me reflect about Education. It was time to think how can I change something in the educational system in Romania, How can I have an Impact for the new generation of young people that are playing computer games instead reading books..

I'm so afraid about the new generation ... they have the tools but they don't use them efficiently. I was thinking if I can make a change I must start from the lowest level...kindergarten and maybe private school! I know that it's early to talk about such dreams but I'm sure that the IMPACT I want to have in this world is related to community!

Ya IT's Time to Think and ACT...all of us must realize that we must have an impact in the educational system. Only together we can change something and make a better system. It is said, it's one of the mainstays of the civilisation. It brings us the knowledge that can relieve world suffering and is further yet present in change, plight and rebuilding. It generates the gaps which is meant to close. For some it is the highest ambition , for others a necesarry evil.

I talk about education!

This is the first part about my storm of thoughts related to EDUCATION! I need to go and study because I have 2 more exams and after I'm free to reflect and share my storm of thougts. I need to make an essay about about education in relation with the motto "Time to think"

Till then: "Live as if you will die tomorrow, but learn as if you will live forever" (Gandhi)

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