Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Another experience soon in Bucharest

Today I went with Simo to buy tickets for an amazing experience that will enrich my adventure of living. I applied for a great event organized by SAAR (Romanian Academic Society) and I'm looking forward having a great time in Bucharest. Everything seems to be great. We will stay at 4 stars hotel,Phoenicia that has an interesting presentation on their website: "The biggest hotel built in Romania after 1990 "

I'm sure I will have an wonderful time there because I will meet with special persons for me that I haven't seen for about 3-4 years. The conference will be organized at World Trade Center for 2 days and we will try to build a vision together with 40 people from the country regarding some issues that European Union is facing:
  • Energy & Environment: The environmental and economic impact of Europe’s energy use
  • Family & Social Welfare: The social and economic conditions for Europe’s families - EU’s
  • Global Role & Immigration: The EU’s role in the world and the management of immigration

This event is called "European Citizean Consultation" and is one of the biggest ever pan-European consultation exercise designed to ensure that the public’s voice is heard by governments and policy-makers in the current debate over the European Union’s future direction following the No votes to the EU’s Constitutional Treaty in France and the Netherlands in 2005.

What is interesting? The event will take place in the same time with similiar events in other countries like : Great Britain, Sweden, Malta and Italy.

It's the first time when I have the chance to report live and blog my feelings from the event because I will have internet wireless.

So I'll be back soon with photos, impresions , feelings and thoughts.

In the end: I'm so excited :)

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