Saturday, March 31, 2007

SPP -A new journey in my life

What is SPP? SPP stands for "Societatea pentru psihologie" and it's Simo's baby. What will be my connection with SPP? Simo proposed me to deliver some trainings on teambuilding to get them motivated and help them build successful projects. My proposal for them was to make their first conference and be conference manager.

It all started in Bucharest , at Phoenicia, last weekend when we had a great night dreaming and getting to know eachother better but the most important thing building a vision and an interesting project. SPP will be my NEXT project and i'm eager to take this challenge. After AIESEC I feel motivated to help people around me and share the knowledge I received during several preparation programs I took part.

And I think one of my main objectives this year :"to have an impact " on everything I do will be accomplished

On wednesday I was at SPP's meeting and I was impressed by the fact that their members want to make a change and want to make a difference. I felt very good to see this thing and I'm waiting eagerly to build a proper learning environment for them during their first conference and help them build as a team.

I have butterflies in my stomach because it will be my first experience as conference manager for an student organization I don't know, for unknow people but for organization that will start an important page in their history. I have emotions and hope everything will be great for them.

But the most important thing is that I have the passion to make important things for them and at the end of the conference I want to smile with my heart as Ilinca was saying. A challenging experience in front of me...

I started to find trainers ....5 trainers will be part of my team (Dragos, Cosmin,Alex-@-ers, Simo, and one external: Dragos's mother that will deliver trainings on emotional intelligence) , think of agenda (blocks like: Building the organization vision, teambuilding, and develop their skills on topics like project management, presentation skills, teamwork, creativity, proactivity , change management), search for proper and cheap location conference manager , oc and fun team together with my team in order to help them build as a great team!

Enjoy the movie! teaser of their first conference!

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