Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Germany here I come!

Today I'm leaving Iasi and tomorrow I'll be flying for the first time in my life. I'm going to Germany, Ilmenau for 12 days because I'm going to participate at International Students week, a festival known as ISWI.
I was selected to participate together with 400 students from 80 countries. I'm waiting eagerly because I love diversity. There will be 12 days of living diversity at high volume.
The theme of the festival is Time to think in relation with education. There will be workshops about education(education in the future,education and religion,education and ecology,education and science,psychology of learning,education and politics,education in changing times,education as human right), media , photography, design, literature, theatre,music, film , videoart. I'm waiting this festival since February when I heard I was selected.
I see this festival as a place where together with people from all over the world we will build a vision about Education, we will have a great time but the most important thing we will take time to think how we as individuals we can change something.
I have amazing feelings , emotions and I’m waiting eagerly to join the festival and together to brainstorm great ideas. To put our creativity in function in oder to have an IMPACT related to this issue. I think that we must realize that it’s time to think and act because now it’s a right moment for us to build a great learning system.
in the end:
Take a minute to think and realize if u have something to say about EDUCATION!

It’s time to think and ACT for a better world and for life long learning!
Living my life with passion while I'm building my dreams! I'll blog live from the conference because we will have wireless. I'm happy I'll visit Germany and I'm on the right track achieving my objectives for this year.

See you soon and good luck guyz with exams!

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