Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Performing my Life

I didn't post for long time on my blog but I have many interesting things to share.

Trying to perform my life at high volume and smile with my heart while I'm trying to build my dreams, my adventure of living , the new Me.I was trying to do this till now and I can say that I'm happy because I'm on the right track.

My personal objective for this year is to have an IMPACT on everything I do, for people I meet, for me. If 2005 was the year of PASSION, 2006-year of Experience , 2007 will be the year of great IMPACT.

Being conference manager for first SPP conference (26th-29 th April) was one of the most powerful experiences I passed because it was full of intensive moments, inspiring moments, moments I will never forget. I had the chance to work with a great team(Simo, Cosmin, Giani, Dragos) and together we succeeded in making things happen, a perfect learning environment where 30 people had the chance to DREAM, SMILe and use their creativity at high volume.

It's strange because it took time for me to blog my feelings regarding this conference. I was thinking a lot lately about what happened there, about my great team and the fact that at the end of the conference we realized that we succeeded in making a great team.

How was to be conference manager? After 16 conferences where I was delegate and thinking how it will be to be conference manager,to build the conference agenda and help delegates to feel good I had the chance to be. It was a long a journey that started on 24 March in Bucharest and it had the impact on 27-29 th April.

I felt responsible, I had butterflies in my stomach but I was ready to make things happen even if I encountered many challenges. There were people that motivated me to pass over and realize that I have a important mission to finish and at the end I'm happy I did it together with my great team!

I was saying that people motivate me a lot. I was happy to see that besides the challenges we had with the accomodation, the food and other things the delegates were flexible and eager to help the trainers team because they wanted to learn and have fun.

At the end of the conference I was smilling with my heart while I was reading all the beautiful messages I've received was on the way backhome in my parents car and besides smilling I was blushing while my tears appeared. In 3 days people become very close to eachother and I can say after this wonderful conference we helped them and I'm proud of their growth.

Being conference manager -a great journey , a journey that made me realize I have things to improve, a great leadership experience ..but EMPOWER! "Connect the people with the end result, INVOLVE them in the result, process, vision!!!"

Giani was saying:"Every trainer got remarked with their unique skills that made the conference special for delegates"

Sugar cubes for my team:
Simo: I want to thank you for this great opportunity, because together we built this project in the first phase , for the fact that you care about me and because you had an impact in my life.You helped me discover the real life and keep me smilling that I can change something.
Giani: I've discovered a great person and I'm happy we worked together. As I was saying it's not the end it's just the beginning and be prepared for the next projects we will build. And thank you for hugging me when I needed the most. Don't forget Challenge-dream-vision-synergy and impact"

Dragos: I remember many moments with you... We went together to TTT, we had an important role for another conference (a national conference) but I remember you cooking at this conference while I was preparing a sandwich for you.:) Thanks for being there "

Cosmin: Hope you're not mad on me. I know that we had a lot of problems during the conference and I want to thank you for your calm and for the fact that you broke some of your values in order to make things happen. Hope you've enlarged your network of contacts that will help you with your projects
Trainers team , SPP first conference 27th-29th April

Special thanks for delegates that helped us!

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