Saturday, July 07, 2007

What will be my next IMPACT?

I was wondering and asking myself this days what will be my next IMPACT? I was thinking about other ways of unleashing my great potential and I'm searching for new opportunities or I'm trying to INVENT them. I'm happy that I'll be again conference manager.

Together with a part of my team(the trainers team for SPP first conference) we will organize again a new conference for Psychology students in November. Another experience for me as conference manager...Looking back at the first conference I feel more experienced and I want to improve the things that went wrong at the first conference.

I'm happy that I have the support of my team and we started preparing the conference. Actually it's individual preparation. Giani is participating in a conference held in Poland by Unesco. A conference where we applied together but I wasn't selected...Hope Giani has a great time there while she is enjoying the conference, learning useful things that will help us in preparing the conference. The main theme of the conference is EDUCATION:

"Education is a meaningful tool enabling us to introduce and to integrate young people in the world of dialogue, the world of mutual understanding, the world whose future depends on them.
Therefore we have chosen intercultural, civic and peace education as the main topic of our conference. We will approach these issues from the standpoint of non – formal education to let participants understand better the complexity of today’s world."

I participated in a conference that took place in Germany between 1st and 10th of June. The greatest conference ever for me. There were 400 students from 80 countries in Ilmenau discussing about education and the problems that the world is facing today. (More about this conference, my feelings in a next post)

Besides this conference I'm reading a lot lately trying to prepare better. I have many training materials on my notebook and hope I'll manage to read all of them. Also I've finished a book that I started in April :) No time to read because of school and other projects ...I've read Time management and how we establish our priorities by Stephen R. Covey and now I started another book "The inspirational leader" by John Adair -leadership GURU.
I haven't felt for ages the pleasure of reading something not for school , not for achieving marks just for my own knowledge. I feel great and I'm happy that I have time to FOCUS on reading.

when University starts again in Octomber I'll start my 4th year. The next University year will be focused on reading and preparing the degree paper. My degree paper will be about "Development of leadership abilities at young people"
I've experienced leadership 2 times in AIESEC and 1 time outside and I'm eager to start reading books about it and develop my personal vision, my personal opinions.

Looking back finishing the 3rd year was an interesting experience. The second semester of school was full of projects but I was enjoying preparing them because of my team and because of the fact that we had the best projects presentantion. Besides that the best marks I've achieved till now at University.

I feel comfortable being in front of people and trying to present my ideas. I can say I have good presentation skills but everytime is place to improve them. Improving is the key of the development.

I realized that I like a lot to organize conferences, to participate as delegate, to be conference manager or trainer. Conferences means for me a great learning environment , a playground where I push my limits, I use my creativity while I'm building my dreams and perform my life at high volume.

For sure in the future my training company will organize preparation programs such as conferences because adults learn better in non-formal places. Being there I reload my batteries and I'm more stronger to fight with REAL LIFE.

I'm waiting for an answer because somebody made me a proposal to help them with a conference in my city in September. A trainer from UK is coming to train people interested to work for UE. There will be a 2 days event and I'll be in the organizing team.
They will give me money but I'll join the conference for free. And the participants will have to pay fee for being trained.

So what will be my next IMPACT?

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