Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sustainable development- A new journey in my life

"We are 3 young people interested in founding a new local chapter in our city. We are interested in sustainable development issues and we want to have an impact and make people aware of the fact that only together we can change something and act for a better world.

We consider NGOs and voluntary work a great way for young people to discover and develop their potential, to learn new things by being involved in interesting projects. That’s why we want to build a new NGO.. In our city there are not so many international NGOs and we are eager to build one in order to offer new possibilities to young people to develop themselves.

We heard about oikos by browsing the internet and we liked the mission, the vision and the projects and we thought that sustainable development is something new for students from our city because they are not aware of it. We decided to ACT and change something in this field and help people to become change agents in sustainable development field.But changing curricula towards sustainable development is more challenging for us

It will be very hard to change something in the curricula because not all the teachers are open-minded. We are eager to start this job and make teachers aware of the fact that sustainable development issues is an important topic nowadays. They can attract students at their lectures if they initiate several disscusions about present problems the world is facing with
We can make people aware of sustainable issues only if we educate them. Education is a primary level to narrow the gap between today’s business practice and the guiding principles of sustainable development.

It will be a long journey for us in building this NGO in our city but we have the passion, enthusiasm, energy ,experience and we are eager to ACT regarding sustainable development issues and make world a better place for people to live.

Let’s start this journey together and make oikos grow further.In other words: “let’s inform people that they can get involved and make a difference” and let’s make things happen.
LC Iasi striving for sustainable development!"

This is the motivation letter sent by me and my team to oikos International. oikos is an international NGO, and they seek to strengthen sustainability-oriented entrepreneurship among tomorrow's leaders and decision makers by sensitising students of business and economics to sustainable development issues.

One of my objectives till the end of the year was to build an international NGO in my city. So i'm about to make things happen. Our lc(local chapter) become chapter in accession but many things have to be done. It's just the beginning of a new journey in my life and because I want to let something behind in my faculty I'll do my best to grow this NGO.

To be continued

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