Friday, December 07, 2007

Trust game

Last year in december I was trying to build a team in order to participate at Trust game.
Trust it's a management game based on an unique business case. Actually teams of 5 students takes up the role of Board Directors of a newly acquired company: they must set up a 3 year strategic plan and build trust of company stakeholders.

This game it's organized by Danone, and it's played in 12 countries (Turkey,Argentina,Brazil,Russia, Romania, Saudi Arabia,Spain,Poland, Indonesia,China,Portugal,France).

The most important steps of the game:
  • November 29th, 13.00 : Meet you in Polytechnic University (Senate Meeting Room)
  • December 3rd, 14.00 : Meet you in ASE ( Agir Meeting Room) -Big Picture
  • December 2007: Applying period (the site will be open for enrollments)
  • February 2008: Trust Day competition - ONE DAY event to play the competition in teams -Hope we Will be There :)
  • March 2008: Romanian Final - ONE DAY event to explain your strategy and action plan to the Board of Directors in Danone factory- And also here:)
  • April 2008 10th-11th: International Final - A two days event with the winning teams of all participants countries with the participation of Frank Riboud, the Groupe DANONE president -And here:)

I'm confident we will pass the selection and we will have the chance to play Trust in February. This year my team is composed by 4 great girls...all of us were AIESEC-ers and actually we talk the same language. The brainstorming went well and our synergic minds are ready for this great challenge!

We started to build our team name and our motivation for participating in this game and I'm very happy about the great job we're doing till now.

More to come soon!

We want to experience today the way we will manage the future tomorrow!

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