Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pic of the day

Last week I've been with Simo to a cartoon exhibition related to Romania's integration in the european Union.

I saw there interesting cartoons and great ways of expressing the integration in the European Union for some countries like: Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria.
For this exhibition , with title (Ten more for Europe) , the most known cartoonists from the new European countries illustrated their worries, waitings and hopes about European Union.
The ideea of this exhibition is old and belongs to Giselei Burkamp, historic, art critic and Dieter Burkamp. They published many catalogues , articles and studied the cartoon theme for about 30 years.


Adrian said...

Man, I hope you won't get me wrong but those are not cartoons but pictures.

As far as I know cartoons = benzi desenate :D

Nice blog by the way - well updated :D

Florin said...

Da-mi un mail, te rog.