Friday, January 26, 2007

The world of blogging

I've discovered the world of blogging last year and I decided to have my own blog as a personal learning tool that will help me in the proces of being a change agent. I see the world of bloging as a learning environment where I can express my feelings, share my knowledge and create my own playground, my own space. In our country we don't have too many blogs but I know till the end of the year there will be more.

Blogfest is a great opportunity developed by bloggers from Bucharest.As I said in one of the previous messages they want to create a romanian blog community. They have physical meetings and discuss many interesting things.
Last one was yesterday. For more info click here:

People get attracted day by day by the world of blogging ..Some use their blog to share their life experience (personal blog) , other use their blog to share information and other use their blog to post interesting photos(photo blogs).

I was thinking this year to make a change... To get a balance in my blog! To share my personal feelings and also to get a profesional approach and market my blog.
I've found a great article about how to promote your blog. Some tips:

1 Write well, write consistently, don’t give up: All the marketing in the world won’t help you if you have a lame-duck blog. In your search for more traffic, more promotion, and more publicity, never forget it starts with great content — and needs to continue with great content on a regular schedule. There’s no question that maintaining quality and regularity is difficult while you’re starting out, particularly if you’re time strapped … but hang in there, because if you sacrifice this, all of your marketing efforts will be for naught.

2 Become an expert on something: Develop a keen interest, continue to read and write intelligently, and after a while, your experience will grant you this informal title; bloggers will seek you out, your reknown will grow, and it will be easier to be noticed, linked to, and get cross promoted (see below)

3 Design is more important than you think: Your mother’s right — first impressions count, and they can count for cash money. If you’re serious about blogging, don’t stick with an unaltered top10 Wordpress theme no matter how cool you think it is. You want to separate and elevate yourself from the blogging masses, and its impossible to do if you look exactly the same as them. Easy to say, hard to do, but absolutely necessary if you don’t have the money to pay for a private ground-up theme: learn CSS and a photoeditor of choice, and learn to tweak your theme yourself, so that your blog looks professional, stands out, and screams “yes, I am worthy of your attention!”.

4 Get Your SEO On: An entire post in and of itself — get your own domain name, host your own blogging software, enable permalinks, use create keyword rich headlines, create unique title tags, enable trackback and ping functionality, ensure your blog pings pinging-services.

5 Do interviews with other bloggers: Score interviews with newsworthy individuals (who may be linked to newsworthy content), to create link worthy content, but more importantly, create news on THEIR blog to get back to YOUR blog.

First part of this article. It seems interesting and I will try to increase my traffic and market my blog.

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