Saturday, February 09, 2008

Zoom team ready to play Trust

"Trust game provides an exciting career start-up and is going to contribute to the personal growth and future success of each team member.

We consider ourselves to be a team that is continuously learning, seeking opportunities and willing to grow satisfaction and success in our personal carriers. We have a passion for excellence in every thing we do and the ambition to thrive on challenge and change. Having the initiative, taking action instead of just reacting is what defines us best. We do not forget to bring enthusiasm and spontaneity into our work and create a fun environment. We value team work and challenge each other to maximize our skills and personal development.

We are confident that the “ZOOM “team is able to give creative solutions to the case studies based on live business issues like corporate social responsibility, sustainable development, business ethics and market competition because all of us are characterized by the fact that “There are no limits…only obstacles to be overcome” so we are ready to challenge our appetite.

Trust is a supportive platform for career development and an opportunity to combine our skills and knowledge. We hope to discover new and better ways to deliver success, better use of our strengths and test our adaptability and strategic thinking. We want to gain a competitive edge and to grow through this professional, cultural and social experience. Trust is important to us in developing our self-awareness, in strengthening our abilities in the world of work, and shaping our carrier goals.

The best words that describe our motivation for participating in this management game organized by Danone are: Impact-Synergy-Believe and Dream (our team values). We consider the key ingredients that will help us perform intelligent during the entire game if we are selected."

I have been waiting 1 year to apply again for Trust game. This week I have received a phone from a team mate telling me: "Oh Alex I have a "bad news" for you...Somebody from Danone called me and we gonna play Trust on 5 March in Bucharest"

I can't believe it ...and while I was on the phone with her an unknown number was calling me.. I put my team mate on hold and I have received that phone. Of course it was somebody from Danone telling me that Zoom team (my team) is selected to participate at the semi-final of the contest in Bucharest on 5th March.

Since We've applyed I was kinda sure we gonna make it. Because my team is composed by 4 great girls...girls with whom I've been involved in many AIESEC projects! We've put a lot of passion in applying and we had many good ideas in braistorming our team name and motivation to participate at this great contest.

What are the next steps of the Game?

  • March 5 th, 2008: Trust Day competition - ONE DAY event to play the competition in teams - So we made the first step ...We are here!
  • March 10th, 2008: Romanian Final - ONE DAY event to explain your strategy and action plan to the Board of Directors in Danone factory -NEXT STEP TO COME
  • April 2008 10th-11th: International Final - A two days event with the winning teams of all participants countries with the participation of Frank Riboud, the Groupe DANONE president -Final GOAL for our team

Zoom team is ready to play Trust and we are eager to go to Bucharest. On 4th March we will be in Bucharest. Maybe i'll do live blogging one day before the conference if I find wi-fi or on 5th March when hope we'll be happy because we reached the final.

For sure it will be a nice experience.

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