Thursday, June 12, 2008

Imnul Liberty Parade 2008

Imnul Liberty Parade 2008
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Liberty Parade 2008 are loc pe 19 iulie pe plaja dintre Saturn si Venus. Sunt asteptati peste 50.000 de mii de oameni la editia cu numarul 9. Imnul din acest an a fost compus tot de Activ si Dj Optick si se cheama Be Free.

Deocamdata nu se stie ce nume mari vor veni. Anul trecut m-am distrat pe muzica mixata de Robbie Riviera, Brian Cros, Dj Optick, Liquid, Dj Allen, Dj Andi, Dj Rosario Internullo. Am simtit o bucurie imensa pentru ca in cele din urma am reusit sa-mi sincronizez vacanta in asa fel incat sa ajung la Liberty Parade 2007.

Merita sa mergeti!


zizizi said...

hi! can u tell me something about this liberty parade, please? it seems that this year i will be on the coast on 19th july :D:D and I would like to go there. I would like to know if I need to buy a ticket somwhere or it is free...? and if there is an age limit or something...? thank you in anticipation :)

alexandru toma said...

thanks for your comment!

i was blogging in English usually if u seen my blog.

Liberty Parade will be on 19th of July between Venus and Saturn. There is no need to buy a ticket for Liberty Parade. you need to have 18 years old to enter.

more info you can find here:

There is another great house festival in Romania, Creamfields, on 2th of August.

Liberty Parade 2008 said...

mergea un promo mai antrenant

Anonymous said...

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